The Now & Future A.M.W. blood

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The Now of the A.M.W. (Eli, Mayfield, Cross blood) Line

This is what we call the A.M.W. blood which consist of Boozer X Mistic blood. This line is made up as Eli, Mayfield blood crossed into a pinch of Sorrells, OFRN blood. The line has shown to be able to throw real good solid bulldogs when bred straight or crossed. Even without a pretty pedigree this line fits the standard for all who know it.

Escobar, son of Boozer and is now the future stud for that line.

R.I.P. A daughter of Boozer X Mistic  A very confident dog. With smarts and ablility. Eli,Mayfield X Sorrells, OFRN crossing.

A daughter of Boozer X Mistic, Straight awesome, and fits the standard. This dog has proved herself over and over.