A.M.W.'s Foundation Dogs Pedigrees

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A few pictures of my dogs click for peds

Some of the finest and GOD given animals. All the foundation is gone, but Castro. But the new generation is holding the standard.

(R.I.P.)Boozer was a real dog and so far in just a couple breeding throwin fire

Dynasty---A well rounded dog.(R.I.P.)

(R.I.P.) Super Game

R.I.P. Mistic throwed 1 of the best litters ever to create the AMW line

R.I.P. A favorite, and threw bulldogs

R.I.P. she was poisoned with 6 others on the yard.

R.I.P. BB was a good dog! Got none from her

Castro is throwing complete bulldogs.


American Man Wanted" Wanted by those who hate and those who love

Remember who luv yah (John 3:16)

R.I.P. Chance was 1 of the gamess on the yard.

Chance--- R.I.P. He was all heart! Thanks S.B.K.

R.I.P.Chewy was everything you want in a bulldog. Not none from him.