Favorite Links and Old dogs of ours

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Some of our favorite links


Some Foundation dogs

This is an old picture of our dog named Champ. He had no style just heart when it came to a hog. Would scratch with him all day. R.I.P.

He was the first, and lived to be real old.

She wasn't one of the very first, but she was one that helped us continue the line after about 5 years of breeding the line. She was very game.

He was one of Hoggie's sons who was quite game and a good producer when bred to A.M.W.'s Queenie.

A must visit for every dogman or non-dogman. Its educational

A Real Insight On The Real Game!

Watch the hot truth. It's fire!

Favorite Sites

Spiritual Education

Good peeps and good dogs

It could open eyes on some serious stuff.

Home of Wildside's Kennels.

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