Breeding/Forsale Page

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Breeding are best to best or a good line breeding. Inbreed when needed.

I'm specializing in Eli X Mayfield, OFRN crossing.Which I call the AMW blood. Also Chinaman(Earl Jr.)-Jeep-Jeep/redboy

My breedings are well thought out, and I wouldn't breed if I didn't think they would produce dogs that I myself wouldn't keep. I think I'm blessed when it comes to these dogs.

I'll probably never make all the breedings I would like with my dogs. I usually lose a dog before I make all the breedings I want, but that because I'm not gonna run a bunch off dogs out for others. I want to keep stuff from my own breedings also, and not just for the money. So most of my dogs only make 2-3 breedings in a lifetime. But thats cool with me because I want quality not just quantity. But I have proven to be able to work with different lines and get dogs that fit the standard, so its not just getting lucky. Its just a blessing and gift with experience

Buzzsaw X Jubilee

This is pure jeep on top crossed with A.M.W. blood on bottom (Eli, Mayfield, X Sorrells,OFRN)

Escobar X Hatchett - Pure A.M.W. blood