The Now & Future Dogs (Chinaman, Chinaman crosses)

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The Now & Future Dogs (Chinaman & Chinaman crosses)

This page will focus on more of the Chinaman blood, and chinaman crosses I use.


Castro is complete. this dog is now throwing good ones and throwing old school blood. He is forsure what you want to start a yard with. (Chinaman,Earl Jr blood) Coming off CH Casper.


Nice female. She was hot from day one. Double CH Casper dog. (Chinaman,Earl Jr X Hammonds)


A son of Castro X Dynasty who are more than breed standard. (Chinaman X Jeep blood)


Another offspring of Castro X Dynasty. Jew is ready to do her part in this bloodline. (Chinaman,Earl Jr X Jeep)


Stripe is a (Frankwhite, Rat)Earl dog with Frisco blood. He is a future producer on the yard. (Chinaman,Earl X Frisco) He's a nephew to Castro my man Earl dog.

Black Ice

Black ice comes out of Castro to Katana. She is one ball of fire, and comes out of 1 good litter. (Chinaman X Eli Mayfield crossing)


His mother lives in him. He comes from Castro X Symphony. And Symphony was 1 of the favorites on the yard. (Chinaman X Jeep,Redboy, OFRN)


She is a rugged one. Coming out of Castro X Symphony. (Chinaman X Jeep,Redboy, OFRN)