History Of Amercian Man Wanted Kennels

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A.M.W.'s Beginning

 Was started back in the 1980s by my brothers who at the time just called it the Hoggie blood from our first American Pitbull.

The History

It was when I was ten my brothers were older than I. So one day I came home, and they had a little brindle pup, and I thought it was an American Bulldog, but they told me it was an pitbull. They wanted to name him and at the time I was loving Hulk Hogan so I said name him Hulk Hogan, but they named him Mahogany. Hoggie for short. From what I learned is that Hoggie had papers, but my brother didn't care about that, and that he came from a dog name Harrington's Psycho which was one of the best Hog dogs around. I never knew his mother's name, because my brother lost the papers. Hoggie turned out to be a great dog. One day he brought down a 1200lb cow that my grandfather had, because nobody could get the cow back in the yard so my brother took Hoggie out and he got him down by the nose. This dog could bite a hog down quick. No hog lasted long with him.

My brothers got a female name gator and she was a good game dog, and bred her to Hoggie and they had many good dogs. After years of breeding we managed to perserve what we had left from the line. I called the line America's Most Wanted , but my name wasn't register and someone had the name. So now I call it American Man Wanted, and I am bringing other lines into the blood line now. So R.I.P. MaHogany you made history with me.


I purchased Parsons'Boozer, and he fit the standard more then most, and I purchased a pup name Mistic, Who is out of Boozer's sire littermate sister Millie and raised her up until she was about 2 1/2 years, and she fit the standard, but lacked just a little. I bred her to Boozer and got one the best litters I ever put on the ground in my whole life and I can say that for myself even though not one show winner those dogs fit the standard truly. I still have 5 of them, and now I'm working with producing the next generation from them. It took me a while to put some of this together but love what I got even though the pedigrees aren't flashy colors. lol The A.M.W. line consist of dogs bred down from Parsons' Boozer or Mistic, and Parsons' Lady kady who fit the standard, and never got the credit for throwning fine animals. The blood is a combination of old cumming Eli blood, crossed with Mayfield blood, and Sorrells blood crossed with O.F.R.N. blood of old times. I have them combined and call it A.M.W. blood.

I also have Jeep/Redboy, and Jeep/Rascal, Boyles blood, and I also have Chinaman Earl.


Below is a picture of the 1st pitbull dog I've ever owned. Her name was Missy.


We are truly blessed and I think God chose to bless us with these fine animals that the Government wants to destroy, because I think we are alot like these dogs. We catch a bad rap from people who don't even take the time to see who we really are in our heart, and thats a brave hearted game American who will keep getting back up no matter how much you punish me. And thats a true follower of Christ. Even when the world is against you and they beat on you. I'm gonna keep crossing the line until you see what my heart's about. We the truth, and thats real gameness, and Christ didn't let the devil stop him.

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